Are NFTs the next progression for
patent management and

Are NFTs the next step for patent management and commercialisation?

It was recently announced that IBM and IPwe have partnered to trial representing patents as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as an easier way to sell, trade, or license patents. The aim is to move intellectual property assets onto a digital, centralised and secure blockchain network, enabling easier commercialisation of patents, especially for small or medium enterprises (SMEs). Smart contracts can be attached to NFTs so terms of use and ownership can be outlined and agreed upon without incurring as many legal fees as a traditional IP transfer.


The Nemesis System creates a unique video gaming experience each time

Reviewing and analysing patent literature is crucial for any innovation-driven industry to avoid infringement, monitor competitors and importantly, drive innovation and R&D strategy. A recently granted patent owned by Warner Bros Entertainment, discloses their Nemesis system invention, an innovative method for generating unique storylines and opponents in video games based on user interaction and in-game choices. More…

chemical entities
Find chemicals easily within patents with Minesoft’s Chemical Explorer

Patent protection benefits innovators because it secures market exclusivity to the technology when the patent is granted. Concurrently, this process also benefits external innovators as a contingency of a patent application is that it must publicly disclose the technical details of the invention. For professionals in pharmaceutical, biochemistry, engineering, and other technical fields, patents are a valuable source of new information. Patents are often the first place where chemical entities are disclosed publicly. More…

magnifying glass to illustrate legal tech AI
PatDocs, the Legal Tech AI solution

PatDocs is a Legal Tech AI solution for innovative quantity recognition and patent search. It is a first-of-its-kind patent data platform, designed for all IP professionals, which complements advanced patent database search platforms such as PatBase, with embedded proprietary artificial intelligence. Document ordering is simple and quick on PatDocs, just enter any patent numbers on the front page. This feature utilises the renowned Patent Order document engine, used for over 20 years by top corporations as well as many specialist IP Law firms worldwide. PatDocs also offers streamlined machine translated document delivery from over 25 jurisdictions into English. There are further options for generating auto-filled IDS forms and Legal Reports, saving legal professionals hours of manual work! More…

commercialising IP webinar
Minesoft’s Introduction to
Commercialising IP Webinar

Last week, Minesoft hosted an informative webinar entitled “An Introduction to Commercialising IP with PatBase”, part of the Strategic IP webinar series. This free webinar series aims to shine a spotlight on hot IP topics, from Patent Landscaping to Commercialising your IP, hosted by Minesoft experts, and often including guest speakers! More…

paper bottles
Are paper bottles an eco-solution to
plastic waste?

In a recent article published by BBC, it was announced that The Coca-Cola Company is one of the latest companies to trial paper bottles instead of plastic. The company they are working with, Paboco -short for Paper Bottle Company, is a Danish sustainable packaging company created in 2019 as a joint venture between BillerudKorsnäs, a paper packaging materials developer and Alpla, the bottle manufacturing specialist. It was then developed from the low environmental footprint start-up, EcoXpac. More…